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Stafford Security Fencing

Fences are made to secure a property and its occupants. However, not all fences can provide high security as some are only meant to be used as decoration or a property boundary. If you want a fence that serves as an aesthetic element, property boundary indicator, and protection all in one, you should invest in security fences.

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Like other types of fences, security fences can be installed on your own or with the help of a professional Stafford security fencing company. If you opt to do it yourself, you need to be familiar with how the security framework of these fences works in order to install it safely and make the fence work as intended. You also need to make sure that it will be safe for those who are inside the property since some security fences come with features like sensors and electric wiring.

Houston Fence Company is a trusted Stafford, TX fence company that offers a full fencing service for both residential and commercial properties needing high-quality secure fences that can give the right impression to people who pass by. We guarantee that our service is stress-free, and you will not have to worry about anything since our team can handle every aspect of the project for you.

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What Exactly is Security Fencing?

As its name suggests, security fences are meant to protect property. They are used in open spaces, storage facilities, and large complexes, which require a high level of protection. Aside from the physical fence, additional features are usually added to make it more secure, such as razor wiring, sensors, cameras, and electric charge.

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Security fences are available in various types, and here are some types you can request from our Stafford security fencing experts:

  • Palisade fencing – also known as stake walls, these fences are made from cold-rolled steel fences, which are then connected to steel joists and running rails to keep them in place. These are the most affordable security fences available, and it is often seen in railways and industrial lands.
  • Mesh fencing – This fence uses wire strands to create a mesh wall that is difficult to scale or damage. The mesh patterns vary depending on how complex you want it to be to guarantee it will not be damaged easily or climbed by anyone.
  • Galvanized fencing – these fences are made from steel or coated iron, which reduces damage from corrosion and the elements. Galvanized fencing is often used in industrial properties because of its strong image.
  • Powder-coated fencing – This type of fence is preferred in public areas because it is environment-friendly and stays durable in any given environment. The reason it is very durable is thanks to its powdered coating, which acts as extra protection against the aluminum sheet used to make the fence itself.

If you are not sure which type of security fence fits your property, our Stafford security fencing experts at Houston Fence Company can help you out. We can recommend the best fences for your property after conducting a site visit and knowing your requirements. We also use only the best components for the fences we fabricate, and install them safely, especially if you want them with extra features like electric charges. We can also combine several types of security fences to create a strong security defense system for your property.

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Houston Fence Company understands the need to protect residential and commercial property, considering the investment you made to acquire these properties. For residential properties, it is key that your loved ones are always safe and protected from any potential danger or harm, especially at night.

With this in mind, investing in high-quality, long-lasting, and effective security fences is crucial, and our Stafford, TX fencing company is ready to deliver them perfectly to your specifications. We use only the best materials for your fences and check your property to identify how your security fences should be installed and made to meet your requirements. Our team will also be on hand to answer your questions and cater to your requests whenever you need fencing services.

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