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Deer Park Commercial Fencing

If you run an animal domestication center, storage facility, or service provider company, you will definitely want a protection border around your establishment. Protecting your assets and your business should always be a top priority, and nothing can do this better for you than commercial fences.

Deer Park Commercial Fencing custom vinyl privacy fence 300x225The higher the value of your commercial assets and business property, the more you should install quality Deer Park commercial fencing around your building. These fences can provide protection from intruders and give your establishment some privacy against competitors and onlookers.

With Houston Fence Company as your fencing provider, you can expect to have the best industry-grade fencing around your business facility for the best prices you can find in the market. Whether you run a small startup or a well-established business, we can provide you with all the tools, materials, and services you need to set up the best metal, chain link, or privacy fence that you want.

If your space has a special layout that requires customized units, don’t worry. We got you covered. Just tell us what you’re aiming for, and everything you need to get quality Deer Park commercial fencing can be provided by Houston Fence Company.

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Types of Commercial Fences

Since every business is unique, each one has its own type of fencing that will work best for how it operates. It takes good effort to pick the right fences because the different types also offer various advantages and disadvantages.

Coated chain link fence

Here are some of the common fence types that commercial establishments use:

  • Chain link fencesTypically standing at 6 feet and up with a 9-gauge framework, chain link fences are commonly known for surrounding businesses like factories, power plants, manufacturing sites, industrial facilities, and other establishments that need high-level security.
  • Ornamental fencesIf you’re looking for security but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics and style, ornamental fences can be the one for you. They are elegant-looking fences with wide varieties in design, yet they can also stand as high as 6 feet to offer protection.
  • Welded steel fencesThis type is relatively strong as it involves securely wielding steel sheets to another. On the other hand, because steel is very much prone to rusting, this fence may need a regular brushing session as a maintenance effort to keep its quality.
  • Assembled component fencingIf you’re looking for a more durable and stronger product than welded steel fences, we recommend our assembled component fencing. It is made of sections of machine-punched galvanized steel coated with G-60 zinc and polyester to increase resistance to rust. Its parts are bolted and secured together with rods and rivets for a much stronger structural integrity, offering top-notch protection for its users.
  • Aluminum ornamental fencingThis type is typically used by businesses located in coastal areas and other places where corrosion by water or chemicals is highly possible. It is also done through a special machine and secured by bolting with rivets, much like in assembled component fencing. A particular powdered coating is used to protect its aluminum parts from corrosion.
  • Privacy wood fencesA classic look, wood fences are typically used by businesses that are on a budget or are looking for the specific comfortable and homely feel that only wood can project.

There are many other types of fences that are used for commercial establishments. These are just some of the few. So if you think what you need is more than these examples, don’t worry. We have every type available in our local facilities. Just tell us what you need, and we can provide and even recommend you the best fence that you can use to match your business.

Why Should I Fence My Commercial Property?

Commercial properties are huge investments. It is not very easy to lose assets to intruders and robbers. Fences are your best first line of defense for your business facilities.

Deer Park Commercial Fencing Galveston Smooth Vinyl Lattice White 760x382 300x151But aside from protection, fences also offer a strong sense of privacy. If your business requires a bit of secrecy, like in the tech industry, or seclusion, like a retreat center or a hotel, our Deer Park commercial fencing will make all the difference that you need.

Fences can also easily set a strong sense of boundaries between you and any residential or commercial property around you. They are the clearest sign of the privacy of your property and that entering the grounds without permission is subject to illegal trespassing.

Add a little bit of style to your fences by working with our top-notch designers, and you get yourself a high-quality, durable, and attractive set of fences no matter what material or fence type you choose.
With quality Deer Park commercial fencing around your business establishment, you can definitely enjoy the many benefits that they can offer. Just give us a call, and we’ll provide everything you need!

Free Consultation Today

Deer Park Commercial Fencing houstonfencecompany logoThe best way to ensure you get the best type of fencing for your commercial area is to get the help of experts. Houston Fence Company is here to help you be informed about the various fence types and their pros and cons. We can recommend what we think would work best for your business according to your goals, budget, and preferences.

We assure you that the products we have are of the best quality available and that we will professionally handle the installation, making sure that your fence will last as long as possible.

From the beginning of the planning phase to every repair or maintenance need you have weeks after we install your fences, we are here for you. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll be there to build you the best Deer Park commercial fencing that your business needs.

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