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Cypress Privacy Fences

When it comes to privacy fences, Houston Fence Company can provide you with everything you need and more. Working with us will get you a Cypressprivacy fence with high-value aesthetics, security, durability, and resale value.

vinyl privacy fence with decorative lattice topper

With our top-notch privacy fence products coupled with our industry-level installation services, you can rest assured that your fence will be able to set the proper boundaries and establish security. And if you are planning to put your house on the real estate market, a high-quality fence will definitely bump the resale value of your property.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide all the products and services you need to get a quality Cypress private fence, Houston Fence Company is the right place. We are here to recommend the best solutions, so you get the fence that has all the specifications you want, including size, material, color, and height. From the designing phase up until the installation, we will make sure the entire process will be as smooth, efficient, and convenient as possible for you.

Get the most attractive fence that can protect your family and keep attention and trespassers away from your property. Tell us what you need, and our fence experts will gladly attend to your inquiries!

Call Houston Fence Company today at (832) 793-6134 for your Free Consultation with a Cypress Privacy Fence Specialist!

Combining Form and Function

We know that for most property owners, protection and isolation are the main reasons for having privacy fences around a house or a business building.

wood fencing installationBut with Houston Fence Company, aside from guaranteeing the security of your premises, we also aim to prioritize your curb appeal and the general visual value of your property.

Houston Fence Company is perfectly capable of providing and creating fences of all styles, designs, materials, and types to fit the needs of each unique customer that we have.

Let’s discuss everything you want for your fence during our free consultation. We can tell you the best options you can pick based on your budget, preferences, and other factors.

Here are the common materials that we use for Cypress privacy fences:

1. Wood – If you’re looking for a homey and relaxed material to match the house, wood will work best for you. As a classic material for fences, the many design variations of wood effortlessly make any property look rustic and comfortable even before people enter the premises. Wood fences have a relatively lower initial cost. They do, however, demand a few maintenance efforts and funds. We can help you get all the proper tools and knowledge for maintaining wood fences in the long run as you combat sources of damage like moisture, heat, and bugs.

2. Vinyl – If you want the classic look of wood but are not willing to do heavy maintenance work, you ought to go for vinyl. Fences made of vinyl can go in practically any type of design and customization, making them fit for stylish property owners. They are great investments because they will definitely last long, being immune to the usual factors that damage the wood.

3. Aluminum – Aluminum is another amazing option if you’re looking for a privacy fence that won’t demand too much maintenance effort. They are a staple for many industries and residential spaces due to their durability. They also won’t be difficult for stylish clients as they come in a wide variety of colors, styles, lengths, and designs.

High-Quality Temporary Fencing

Permanent fences are the common order of people looking to put boundaries around their property. But at Houston Fence Company, we also offer temporary fences. These are products that are made to prioritize flexibility in usage, portability, and affordability. This does not mean, however, that they do not have a good level of durability.

Temporary fences have self-supporting, free-standing fence panels that allow easy logistics when they have been moved around, stored, or replaced. Rest assured that even though these fences are meant for temporary use, we always build them with durability and reusability in mind, using only the best materials available.

If you need industry-grade temporary fences, just give us a call. Our experts will give you details on the best options that we have based on your needs and preferences.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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From classic wood fences to durable aluminum fences, Houston Fence Company can provide every fence type you need for your business building or house. As a leading fence company trusted by hundreds of customers, we are confident that we can give you the best products and services you can get for the affordable prices we offer.

We are open to accommodating even the most fully customized requests for fences for any kind of establishment, whether commercial or residential. We guarantee that our experts work at peak professionalism and work efficiency to make sure you get your fences in the shortest possible time.

Get the protection and privacy that your family deserves. Put stylish enclosures around your business building to attract your customers. Invest in industry-quality Cypress, TX privacy fences!

Call Houston Fence Company today at (832) 793-6134 for your Free Consultation with a Cypress Privacy Fence Specialist!